How much CBD Should I take?


Finding the correct dosage of CBD for your needs is a matter of trial and error because everyone responds to CBD differently depending on a number of factors including: age, weight, height, sex, health and condition.  In our CBD Research Library, many studies use a therapeutic dose of CBD of around 30mg as a baseline.  We recommend starting at 10mg and increasing from there. If you’re curious about the cost of different methods of CBD delivery and the cost for each one, we recommend starting with our CBD Buying Guide.

The cost per mg of CBD varies by tincture strength so the cost for mg of CBD for the 250mg bottle of CBD is 2x the cost of our 1500mg bottle.  Diluting your CBD with MCT oil available on Amazon or online retailers is always an option should you find your product choice to be too strong.

Number of doses per product by dose strength.

Regular (10-25mg): Think everyday supplementation for anxiety, arthritis pain, inflammation

Regular+ (20-50mg): Good for everyday supplementation that requires a little extra CBD power, post workout, more persistent anxiety

Strong (100-200mg): Depending on your body weight and your condition, you may find this dose theraputic

Extra Strength (200-400mg): Depending on your body weight and your condition, you may require a very high dose of CBD. CBD studies that used this dose level were for severe pain and anxiety that causes panic attacks.

Note: This is not medical advice nor should you ever take medical advice from a blog, website or retailer. Your health is our first priority and if you have questions or concerns about taking CBD with medication or any condition we ALWAYS recommend speaking with your doctor. These levels are not recommendations but simply a guide for which product to choose based on the dose that you’re comfortable with and find that you need.

If your preferred dose is on the higher end, we recommend a Bundle & Save product. With Bundle & Save product bundles you’ll save up to 40% on your monthly CBD Supplement cost. Doses marked with an “X” are not recommended for that product strength and we recommend purchasing a stronger product.

CBD Delivery MethodProductPriceRegular
Extra Strength
Tincture / Sublingual250mg Tincture $39.95 25-1010-5xx
500mg Tincture $64.95 50-2020-105-2.5x
1000mg Tincture $105.95 100-4040-2010-55-2.5
1500mg Tincture $139.95 150-6060-3015-77-3
Edible / Softgels750mg Softgels $89.95 x-3030-157-xx
750mg Softgels
w/ melatonin
$94.95 x-3030-157-xx
Edible / Gummies300mg Gummies $54.95 30-1212-6xx
750mg Gummies $79.95 x-3030-157-xx

CBD Doses Used in Anxiety Clinical Research

Below is a chart of CBD doses used with their corresponding health condition and a link to the study.

Generalized Social Anxiety Disorder400mgResults suggest CBD reduces anxiety in SAD
Product recommendation for this dose: 1500mg Tincture
Generalized Social Anxiety Disorder600mgCannabidiol reduces the anxiety induced by simulated public speaking in treatment-naïve social phobia patients.
Product recommendation for this dose: 1500mg Tincture
Generalized Social Anxiety and Panic Disorder300mg
In this study, those without a panic disorder were given 300mg CBD dose before public speaking and experienced a significant reduction in anxiety.
Those with a significant panic disorder were given 600mg of CBD before a stressful event to achieve the same results.
Product recommendation for this dose: 1500mg Tincture
Anxiety10mgA study found that low dose CBD had a positive impact on mild anxiety and nervousness.
Product recommendation for this dose: 250mg Tincture or 500mg Tincture
Anxiety / Insomnia160mgA study found that a dose of 160mg of CBD before bed increased not only quality of sleep in anxious patients but length of sleep as well.
Product recommendation for this dose: 1500mg Tincture, 750mg Softgels
w/ melatonin

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