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Your pet brings you endless happiness and joy. They too deserve the life enhancing benefits of CBD.

Like you, we at M Brands are lifelong animal lovers. We are excited to offer high-quality CBD products formulated for your pets or animals.

After consulting with a lead scientist and product developer, we discovered that the same proprietary formulas used in our non-canine products would provide more benefits to pets than almost all other CBD products currently made for pets. This is why our natural flavored tinctures are also popular among pet lovers.

Lack of appetite
Nervousness and Excessive Barking
Nausea and Car sickness
Fear of loud noises and irritation
Dog Aggression

Can CBD Topicals Help Dogs with Skin Issues?

Like humans, dogs can suffer from a variety of allergy related illnesses. In fact, about one in every ten dogs experiences overreactions to allergens. This high percentage of allergy sufferers puts allergies at the top of the list of common health issues that affect dogs.

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Are CBD Oil Dog Treats Safe?

While some people may enjoy the stony effects of THC, your pets will not. So what are some of the most common home remedies that pet owners use CBD oil for? In his book CBD Oil for Dogs, Michael Oliver outlines the following list of beneficial uses for dogs: Joint Pain or Irritation (especially beneficial in older or heavier dogs)Lack of appetiteNervousness and Excessive BarkingNausea and Car sicknessSeizuresFear of loud noises and irritationDog AggressionNerve Pain

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Our hemp CBD products are made right here in the USA from organically grown hemp from American farmers. Our belief stands true that “all hemp is not created equal”, which means that not all CBD is the same. We’ve proven it in our products. We’ve raised the benchmark and have partnered with the people and companies that meet our significantly high standards.


Our CBD supplements are made from pharmaceutical grade CBD and tested for quality and consistency.


MCBD supplements are naturally THC-free and all products contain .03% THC or less.


Unlike cheaply made mass produced products, MCBD is made with full-spectrum CBD from organic hemp.


Which MCBD Products are Safe for Pets?

Our pharmaceutical grade CBD products are the best choice for your pets. CBD pet products are often made with inferior quality CBD (think dog food vs. steak) with inferior product manufacturing standards. We recommend using standard CBD products meant for human consumption which offer the best quality and safety for your pets.



Hemp has the amazing ability to absorb minerals and nutrients from the soil, the benefits of this are passed on to the plant and create healthier nutrient rich hemp.  On the other hand, the same applies for toxins, pesticides and harmful heavy metals that can be found in factory farmed hemp. M CBD’s hemp is organically grown and craft harvested right here in the United States in accordance with the farm act.

Not all CBD is created equal, one of the distinguishing factors between the best CBD and inferior CBD products is the technique used to emulsify the CBD.  M CBD uses “liposomal emulsion” also known as “nanoemulsification”. Standard CBD emulsions (the process by which the CBD is extracted from the plant) produces large particles of CBD which leads to poor digestion and absorption.  Nanoemulsification produces smaller particles which leads to better retention, greater absorption and a significantly better product. Low cost is a key indicator in a CBD oil’s quality as the liposomal emulsion process is more time consuming and expensive.

All hemp based CBD must contain low traces of CBD (under .3%) in order to be considered non-psychoactive and to be legally sold.  M CBD has zero perceptible THC which means there will be no mind altering effects from our products and they are 100% legal in all fifty states.  Pets, especially dogs, react much differently to THC than people do, so it is important that CBD oil given to pets be THC free.

While CBD is considered the most important active ingredient, a full spectrum product can have even greater effects. Our raw hemp is carefully dried and then cured until ready for use. After being processed into a potent powder, it is ready to be extracted into an oil. M CBD is the best hemp based CBD oil because it’s not only organic, nanoemulsified and grown in the USA, but we use a full spectrum extraction process so our oil does not lose any of its’ medicinal properties. Learn more about our process here.

When dosing CBD oil for pets, it’s best to use one of M CBD’s tinctures.  Many “CBD Pet Treats” are low quality junk food for pets sprayed with CBD oil after production.  Which means that the dose cannot be accurately gauged, the quality is not monitored and often the advertising dosage is not what makes its way into the final product.  If you would like to give your pet CBD infused pet treats, we’ve collected some great recipes below to make at home using only the highest quality M CBD Pet Tincture.

Caution should be exercised when purchasing “Hemp Oil” from 3rd party sellers like Amazon or eBay.  One of the loopholes that sellers use to circumventing rigorous testing and certification standards is by producing “hemp oil.”  Hemp oil is not the same as CBD as it has none of the active ingredients that make CBD beneficial for your health. Hemp oil is no different than peanut oil or olive oil.  You can make a nice salad with it, but it will not benefit you in any way medicinally.


It might be surprising to know that both dogs and humans have the same endogenous cannabinoid system (ECS) within the body. Cannabidiol (CBD) does its work by targeting these receptors located in the central nervous system, organs, brain and the immune cells that can stimulate relaxing effects. As more people seeking the help of CBD to treat their furry friends, the benefits of CBD as a treatment for pets are becoming clearer. CBD oil derived from hemp with no THC is generally well tolerated by both humans and pets, however CBD is said to decrease activity of liver enzymes that are used to metabolize some prescription drugs. In this case, if your dog is already on medication, it is important to check with your holistic health practitioner or your vet before you administer CBD to them (source).


Cannabidiol (CBD) іѕ a соmроund fоund in thе  cannabis plant. Marijuana is the most popular type of cannabis that almost everyone has heard of.  While legality of marijuana varies from state to state, THC based products are not recommended for use on pets.  Dogs especially are known to have a negative reaction to THC based products.  CBD оіl is extracted from marijuana’s tamer relative; hemp.  Hemp has been used for hundreds of years in textiles, medicine, and therapeutic tinctures (although not fully legal until recently) like our M CBD Pet Tincture.  While research in veterinary science has yet to catch up to the myriad medicinal benefits of CBD for pets, savvy pet owners have been utilizing it as a home remedy for years.

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