CBD for Cats, Everything You Need to Know

We all know that dogs experience nervous behavior from conditions such as separation anxiety but believe it or not, they aren’t the only pet that goes through it. Cats can have it just as bad.  When it comes to treating dogs for this condition, many pet owners are starting to turn to CBD oil. It’s perfectly safe for dogs but how much study has been done on cats?

Enough to know that it’s safe for them. Check out this guide to learn more about the effects of CBD for cats and how it can help your feline friend with a few of their health issues.

Is CBD Oil Safe for Cats? 

CBD oil is safe for cats as long as you don’t skip out on taking them to the vet first. Their stress and anxiety might be the symptoms of another health issue. In this case, the CBD oil will stop the behavior but it might not fix the other problem. 

Take the cat to the vet to get an official diagnosis. From there, their vet can tell you if CBD is right for them and if so, how much you should give them. 

Benefits of CBD for Cats

Easing anxiety isn’t the only benefit CBD oil provides. It can also stop pain and swelling, put an end to seizures and epilepsy, and give them a shiny coat.  

Pain and Swelling 

CBD blocks the receptor in the brain that’s responsible for pain and swelling. This makes CBD oil a great solution for arthritis, asthma, nerve-related pain, pancreatitis, and inflammation in cats. 

Anxiety and Depression 

Pets are just as susceptible to depression as humans are. Most of the time, depression and anxiety are caused by a hormonal imbalance that CBD can correct.   On top of balancing out your cat’s hormones, it will also give them a much-needed dose of serotonin for an added boost of happiness. 

Seizures and Epilepsy

Seizures are caused by electric disruptions in your cat’s brain. Your cat can be given medications for the issue but they might result in nasty side effects such as kidney failure.   CBD puts a stop to the number of electric disturbances that go through the cat’s brain and eases seizures. It’s a natural solution with very little side effects. 

Skin and Coat 

CBD oil is great for topical use. Rubbing it into your cat’s fur will give them a healthy, strong, and shiny coat. It will take care of any skin issues your cat is suffering from as well. 

Treating Your Cat with CBD  

Does your feline friend have anxiety or joint pain? It may be time to talk to their vet about CBD for cats. It’s safe for them to take and in some cases, better for them than traditional medication. 

When you’re ready to pick up their CBD oil, we’ll have you covered. Check out our shop for a whole selection of pet-friendly options.  

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