Can CBD be used to treat ADHD?

There’s no question that CBD (cannabidol) is rising in popularity. But with all the chatter about CBD in its many forms — CBD oil, CBD tinctures, CBD salves, CBD balms, CBD gummies, and more — is there evidence that shows it is effective when it comes to treating mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, or ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)? 

Before we examine existing scientific data, it’s important to first understand the difference between CBD and THC. While both CBD and THC are derived from the cannabis sativa (marijuana) plant, the key differentiator is that CBD has no psychoactive effects, while THC contains the blend of naturally occurring chemicals that produce a “high.” 

In a controlled trial of a CBD product, 30 adults with ADHD were randomly given either the CBD product or a placebo. The trial showed a nominally significant improvement in hyperactivity/impulsivity (p=0.03) and a cognitive measure of inhibition (p=0.05), and a trend towards improvement for inattention (p=0.10). 

But does this prove the effectiveness of CBD as a viable treatment option for ADHD? While many adults who have admittedly self-medicated with cannabis as a treatment for ADHD, the trial shows the implementation of CBD does have a promising effect when it comes to treating ADHD symptoms such as impulsivity, inhibition and inattention. 

While CBD has not been studied extensively as a treatment option, the promising factors outweigh any negative effects. In fact, CBD itself has shown little to no negative effects. What’s more, studies have shown that CBD generally shows an improved emotional response

Hopefully, as CBD becomes more ubiquitous, more studies and trials will be conducted in order to show its efficacy when it comes to treating ADHD and other mental health concerns. Until then, CBD is a safe and cost-effective way to combat a variety of other concerns such as insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain, and more. 

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