What should I look out for when purchasing CBD gummies?

There are so many gummies on the market today. Some make claims of relief, helping you sleep, feeling good and healthy for you. I’ve seen so many gummies that are made from what looks like candy. Like circles or worms or bears, (same thing you can get in the market) this tells me that they are nothing more than candy made from cow gelatin, covered with oil. Now the real question is what type of oil is on these gummies. They may be called CBD or hemp gummies or chews, and they may have incredible claims, and they maybe inexpensive, but that doesn’t mean they work.

The fact is that most companies today don’t use cannabidiol (CBD). They just use inexpensive hemp seed oil. Although in some cases the same type of gummy candy has CBD oil sprayed on them. How do you know what to buy? Will any of them be effective? You may ask why bother? Nothing with hemp seed oil has any amount of cannabidiol (CBD) and will not be effective, period. Hemp seed oil is just another form of oil with zero medicinal results.

Some CBD gummies are just candy coated in diluted CBD. For your safety, don’t trust cheap CBD gummies.

Now let’s talk about the same gummy candies sprayed with CBD oil. Here you have a case where the gummies are made from gelatin derived from boiled down cow carcasses, corn syrup and other bad ingredients, made into candy and then supposedly sprayed with CBD oil. Does this sound good or bad? Easy answer, gelatin candy gummies are bad. Another problem is that you don’t know how much CBD has been sprayed on the candy and how much you’ll be taken when you chew the gummy. And where have they been made? There is no formula used or metering implemented. It’s almost like they are made in a back room or garage.

I recommend a vegan, gluten-free, gummy made with pectin and fruit flavoring that are infused with CBD. The benefit here is that the you get a precise dosage of CBD and they are way healthier for you with no animal ingredients. Let’s face it, you’re taking CBD gummies for relief of some sort, so don’t be fooled by bogus claims. Another consideration is that CBD as a product, is costly, so when you see low-priced gummies, it is quite possible there is no CBD in them and just a rip-off.  I like Gimmi Gummi (cool name too) because they are made in an FDA facility and are formed in individually trays that result in a perfect gummy with the precise metered amount of CBD. Just like the M CBD soft gels that have a specific milligram (MG) of CBD, so do the gummies from GIMMI GUMMI and they taste so good.

So, what you need to do when you are purchasing gummies, is to read the label and make sure is states clearly that there is cannabidiol (CBD) infused in the formula. And of course, you want to make sure that they are vegan, gluten-free, corn syrup free and THC free just like GIMMI GUMMI brand.


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