What is PCR CBD Oil?

  1. What is PCR CBD Oil?

    The acronym “PCR” stands for “Phyto-Cannabinoid Rich” Hemp Oil, also commonly referred to as “full spectrum” CBD oil. The terms “PCR” + “CBD+ and “full spectrum CBD oil” are essentially the same thing. One of the many theraputic molecules found in the hemp plant is commonly referred to as “CBD” but CBD is not just one thing. CBD is actually part of a family of molecules called “cabbabinoids.”

    Confused yet? Well the truth of the matter is that not all CBD oils on the market are not truly full spectrum CBD because they only contain CBD isolates or have been chemically blended in a lab to create a combination “full spectrum” CBD product. In order to be really considered a PCR (full spectrum) CBD product, it must be grown from high quality organic hemp that is full spectrum by nature.

    Why doesn't everybody just grow full spectrum hemp? Because growing organic full spectrum hemp and undertaking the process of creating nanoemulsified CBD oil is expensive and time consuming. But the result is a highly superior product with a greater medicinal value. Over 95% of the CBD oils on the market to not actually meet the standards to be called PCR CBD. M Brand CBD products are true full spectrum USDA certified organic medicinal grade products.

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