How do I take CBD oil?

  1. How do I take CBD oil?

    CBD can be administered in a variety of ways. The list below shows the most effective delivery methods for getting CBD into your bloodstream, with 1 being most effective to 10 being least effective.

    Vaping – Vaping is the most effective CBD delivery method. It involves inhaling a vaporized oil preparation.
    Vaginal Suppository – This is one of the least desirable delivery methods for obvious reasons.
    Rectal Suppository – This is one of the least desirable delivery methods for obvious reasons.
    M CBD Softgels – CBD softgels use a patent-pending technology described in Our Process that make them more bioavailable to the system than any other product you can put in your mouth. They are best to take on an empty stomach.
    Nasal Spray – We are considering this as a future product.
    Sublingual – This involves using our tincture and holding it under your tongue for 45-60 seconds.
    Transdermal Topical – This is a patch applied to the skin.
    Topical – This is a hand cream, balm or some other product applied to the skin. The great thing about high-concentrate CBD balms, such as M CBD formula, is that you can often feel the difference in just a few minutes. The key is to thoroughly rub it into the skin.
    Edible – This refers to anything you eat containing CBD.

    The ideal method for taking CBD depends on the reason for which it’s being taken. If you use CBD oil as a supplement for health maintenance, capsules or tinctures are recommended. If you are treating a particular medical condition, consult with a qualified medical professional for advice on the ideal method of administration for your condition. We cover dosage and delivery as well as cost per dos in our CBD Dosage Guide.

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