CBD Oil for Lupus: Is it Safe? Effective? Legal?


With a lack of research on CBD oil for lupus, we have to go on what we know about CBD in general and what we can understand from research into conditions with similar symptoms or pathology. This potential treatment is likely to get attention from lupus researchers eventually, though, for several reasons.
Lupus contributes to an epidemic of pain, including untreated and undertreated pain. Current treatments are far from perfect, so drug companies have a sizable financial incentive to find more effective medications.
The opioid addiction/overdose epidemic is a huge problem for society that puts a lot of strain on the resources of the medical community as well as law enforcement. Meanwhile, several studies have shown that when marijuana becomes legal in a state, the number of opioid prescriptions—and overdose deaths—drops. That’s bound to get the attention of doctors, who want to protect their patients, law enforcement agencies battling the problem, and lawmakers seeking solutions.
A wealth of research suggests that CBD oil is effective against pain and inflammation. In its pure form, it’s generally regarded as safe, as well. Lupus involves considerable inflammation.
We have abundant anecdotal evidence from people with lupus who say it’s effective. That can’t substitute for scientific proof, but it’s one more thing that gets doctors interested.
Additionally, a 2018 study published in Cellular Immunology found that CBD may alter T-cell activity after spinal cord injury. Abnormal activity of T-cells (which are part of the immune system) are believed to be involved in lupus.
Lupus can include pain from neuropathy (nerve damage), and multiple studies suggest that CBD can alleviate that type of pain from diabetes, HIV, and other sources.


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