Using CBD Beauty Products for Your Skin

With the sudden influx of hemp based CBD beauty products entering the beauty space how do you know which products you can trust?  CBD, which stands for cannabidiol is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. The most common question people ask is, can CBD get me high? No, it won’t get you high like fellow cannabinoid THC, and all MCBD products are non-psychoactive, derived from organically grown hemp and always THC free.  Recent clinical research on cannabidiol show promising benefits for addressing anxiety, cognition, movement disorders, and pain but what can CBD do for your skin? The benefits of CBD infused beauty products have been studied over the years showing evidence supporting CBD’s ability to reduce inflammation, fight acne, and address chronic pain.

M CBD Beauty is Based in Science

Nutrient rich sheet masks have been a trend in Korea for years with the benefits of these products finally making their way stateside as American consumers discover the luxurious effects of Korean beauty products. We partnered with one of the best product developers in Korean beauty to bring our CBD infused sheet mask to our customers in the United States using our patent pending nanoemulsification process making our sheet masks more effective and better quality than competitors.  Our 2-piece super-charged sheet mask is infused with 10mg of nanoemulsified CBD and 0.0% THC plus various plant extracts to promote healthy hydrated skin. Potent cannabinoid antioxidants work to undo skin damage from pollution, sun, and various environmental factors. Our mask wraps the skin to prevent active ingredients from evaporating, allowing for complete penetration to visibly improve the appearance of fine lines, pores and make skin appear supple and dewy.

M CBD Face Mask is the Best in the Business

Often CBD products are unregulated and many products boast dubious health benefits and questionable manufacturing practices.  MCBD is a US-based, family owned company that is committed to producing only the highest quality hemp based CBD products.  Our products undergo 3rd party testing for potency and safety and we stand behind them with a 30 day money back promise.  CBD is well regarded as safe for your skin and is non irritating for most skin types.  When choosing a CBD beauty product it’s important to purchase products with clearly labeled ingredients, CBD concentration and directions.  Our CBD face masks are available as a single 2-piece mask for those that are curious and want to try just one or in bundles at close to wholesale pricing of up to 24 masks. Treat yourself! And let us know what you think.

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